Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Regular hygiene sessions are a must for good oral health. To keep your gums in optimum condition, it is advised to have a quick Scale and Polish every 6 months at least. We believe the best way to achieve a happy, healthy smile is by regular dental appointments and regular oral hygiene appointments with a Scale and Polish cleaning session.

At Baltimore City Dental Group, you are in capable hands of our experienced dentists and dental hygienists, who conduct a thorough cleaning for you and now there are many different options to chose between!

  • Basic Scale and Polish teeth cleaning
  • Airflow Sparkle Polish – the latest in teeth cleaning technology with airflow jet used to unmask those pearly whites and leave a  lasting clean result
  • Quick Clean – a rapid result for all those busy bees!

Following your dental examination, your dentist may suggest that you have a routine hygiene session to maintain your oral health. Hygiene sessions with your Dental Hygienist protect your oral health by cleaning your teeth thoroughly and removing any plaque, stains and spots. They uncover the enamel surface from any layers of building plaque and delve into the gum line to leave teeth looking and feeling great!

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