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Our clients are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of specialists. More details about our services below.

Choose an Experienced General Dentist
Don’t settle for dental services administered by any clinic. Instead, choose a dentist office that can offer more than two decades’ worth of guidance and resources. Our staff knows that not everyone’s mouth is the same; therefore, not every treatment is right for your smile’s particular needs. Rest easy knowing we evaluate every course of treatment available to you before recommending one in particular.

About Our Dental Clinic

Our clients are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of specialists. More details about our services below.

Like many Americans, you and your family brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep your smiles looking clean and healthy. However, what happens when disease, injury, and even genetics stop you or a loved one from maintaining the smile you want? You deserve advice and treatment from a trusted local dentist in Baltimore, MD—one that cares about your oral health.

Team up with Baltimore City Dental Group and discover a more convenient and affordable way to secure essential dental services. As a dentist office with more than 20 years of experience, we take pride in offering the largest local selection of treatments for adults, children, and seniors. Schedule a comprehensive exam for your child, or ask about prosthetic implants and devices for your aging parent—you can do both of these and more when you make us your trusted general dentist.

Are you looking for a dentist that specializes in treating children’s dental issues? You can depend on our staff for help with those, as well. We’re experienced pediatric dentists, and we’re more than happy to help treat problems that arise as your little one grows older. From the first cavity to wisdom tooth removal, we’re there for your child at every stage of life.
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Stay on top of your family’s oral health care needs by schedule a comprehensive exam for each person. Exams are great starting points for anyone interested in gleaning insight into their smiles’ condition; plus, they start at just $99. Emergency exams are available as well—just let our dentist office know that you need urgent service, and we’ll coordinate the rest at your convenience.

Specializing in Family Dentistry
For many people, it’s impossible to think about a trip to the dentist without anticipating pain. However, our dentist office wants you to know that pain isn’t a factor when you trust our team with your teeth. We specialize in providing a pain free experience, so we can minimize any discomfort you feel during your procedure or treatment. We have years of experience treating many different types and ages of patients. Reach out today to our office to set up an appointment. See and feel the difference!

Dental emergency Baltimore (21201)
Dentist is one of the most essential professions. If you want to have reliable and maximally painless treatment or implanting the teeth, our specialists are ready to provide the best services in case of emergency. In order to cure your teeth the doctors of dental emergency Baltimore will offer you many possible treatment options.

If you have an emergency situation, there is no time to think about it to long. Call immediately to our Baltimore 21201 located office and we will schedule you an appointment right away.
Contact a dentist from our clinic to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve families in Baltimore, Baltimore City, Townson, Owings Mills, and Pikesville, MD.

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