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Teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is very important for dental health. Cleaning of plaque, smoker's exposure, traces of coffee and tea could be done with the help of air flow.

Teeth Whitening

Fast and safe tooth whitening. Even very dark areas are clarified. The effect of whitening lasts up to 2 years.


Tooth restoration can be perfomed both for adults and children. Effective filling of the root canals: the best methods, materials and prices.


Tooth alignment - orthodontics - in most cases causes one association: braces. But the installation of braces is only part of the services provided by orthodontists. There are more "soft" ways to align teeth.

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Cosmetic dentistry
Teeth Cleaning
Teeth whitening


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Primary Health Care is very important in life?
If you don't want to get sick, primary health care is the best way to go.
Should I use whitening toothpastes and how effective are they?
Not all toothpastes are effective. Before using whitening toothpaste you should visit your dentist.
How can I make an appointment?
Simply fill the form on our site. Alternatively, you can call us or visit our office.


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We are proud to have the opportunity to give you the smile of your dreams

Warm and welcoming atmosphere
Affordable dental treatments
All treatments are in-house
Why us
Late and weekend hours
State of the art facility
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Cosmetic Dentist in Baltimore

A radiant and ultrawhite smile is one of the most effective ways to present oneself. Human face and smile in particular are the calling card, according to which people appraise us. It is obvious that a person with uncleaned and dirty teeth is unlikely to make a good impression on new acquaintances. Problem with the teeth can cause difficulties at communication with representatives of the opposite sex.

Fortunately, today dentists in Baltimore can solve almost any aesthetic problem if you wish to get whiter teeth. Thanks to the up-to-date equipment, teeth cleaning can be done in a couple of hours, and after the whitening session your teeth will be as brilliant as before. The term "Hollywood smile" did not come by chance: the smile of celebrities can conquer us with its charisma, but is it worth explaining that celebrities achieve such an effect with the help of not quite natural methods?

These dental problems are handled with by a separate sphere, the cosmetic (or aesthetic) dentistry. As we have already mentioned, one of the main services that dentists in downtown of Baltimore can provide you with, is tooth whitening. However, along with this extremely demanded dental procedures are: correction of the wrong position of teeth, removal of dental tartar, concealing of interdental gaps removal of gaps between the teeth.

Dentist in Baltimore (21201)

All of the above services place a priority on the improvement of appearance of teeth. That is why a cosmetic dentist in Baltimore is much-in-demand among artists, managers, spokespersons and other representatives of professions connected with communication with people. Coming back to the importance of a beautiful smile at first acquaintance, we want to offer you a course of cosmetic dentistry in our clinic. Our employees are consummate professionals who will quickly and painlessly make the same Hollywood smile as many of you dream of. If you wish to return perfect white color to your teeth, which darkened due to frequent smoking or drinking coffee, we advise you to consult specialists as soon as possible and make sure that Baltimore dentist is the most effective solution to such problems.