Invisalign in Baltimore, MD

Braces are a proven method for straighter teeth, which promotes beautiful smiles and positive development of the teeth and supporting structures. Despite their effectiveness, however, it is understandable to want a clear and seamless approach to teeth straightening. Invisalign in Baltimore, MD, provides the opportunity for you and your child to pursue straighter teeth and brighter smiles with confidence. Our dentists are trained and certified to conduct Invisalign treatments for all patients. Along with our selection of clear braces and teeth aligners, you have all the options you need to take control of your oral health.

What Are Invisible Braces?

As its name suggests, invisible braces are dental implements which are applied to crooked teeth with the purpose of straightening them. Much like traditional braces, their aim is to move teeth that are “out of alignment” into a proper position. Straighter teeth do more than promote a picture-perfect smile. They also improve overall oral health.

Teeth move and shift naturally as people age. Proper brushing and flossing goes a long way in maintaining good health. However, crooked teeth can make such a proposition more difficult. Teeth that are not in good alignment are harder to clean–even with the assistance of a dentist. As a consequence, tartar buildup is likelier to occur. This can lead to more cavities, as well as gum disease. By putting teeth in proper alignment, you are able to take control over your oral health and maintain good hygiene.

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