Root Canals

Root Canals in Baltimore, MD

Every year, thousands of Americans with infected teeth must undergo root canal therapy to stop the infection from spreading. Infection can occur for many different reasons, including advanced decay or physical trauma. However, no matter the cause of the infection, prompt treatment is necessary to avoid more serious oral health threats later on.

Badly decayed and infected teeth are can wreak havoc on your smile. Opt for professional intervention at a family dental clinic you can trust. Baltimore City Dental Group recommends you ask our team about root canals in Baltimore, MD, as soon as you notice signs of infection in one of your teeth. There are many symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal procedure—here are just a few:

Temperature Sensitivity
Gum Tenderness
Inflamed or Red Gums
Appearance of Pimples on Gums

Paying for root canals and other essential dental procedures doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. In fact, our clinic makes it easy by offering in-house insurance at just $275. You’ll save up to 30% when you ask about this special deal during your next visit. Let us make caring for your teeth easy and affordable!

How a Root Canal Dentist Can Help

Without help from a root canal dentist, protecting your mouth from the spread of infection is impossible. Infected pulp inside a tooth can quickly start to affect other parts of your mouth, resulting in swelling, bone loss, and drainage issues. You could even lose the infected tooth altogether, forcing you to seek a prosthetic replacement. Schedule an appointment with a root canal dentist early on to avoid these outcomes.

The Truth About Root Canals

Many people mistakenly believe that root canals are some of the most painful dental procedures around. This is simply not true when you trust our gentle and caring staff.The pain that patients complain of comes from waiting too long to seek professional treatment. The sooner you meet with a root canal dentist, the less likely you are to experience severe pain.

In addition to root canal procedures, our dentists offer surgical services for other oral concerns. We extract wisdom teeth, treat TMJ pain, and administer thorough cleanings in patients of all ages. Schedule a comprehensive exam for yourself or your child to discover what our dentists recommend for your smile’s best health.

Contact our team to find out whether you or a loved one needs root canals to mitigate damage caused by infection. We proudly serve families in Baltimore, Baltimore City, Towson, Owings Mills, and Pikesville, MD.